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A new tool that helps you build and maintain Websites, Landing-pages, Mobile Linktrees, and Quizzes remarkably fast, all with one tool. It’s built for Agencies & Businesses
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Onepage is free to use. It’s not a trial version. No credit card is required
From the landing page to a complex Funnel. Start small and scale your projects
Start building your first landing page or a simple website, proceed with Quizzes and Funnels, finish by creating Linktree’s and internal pages. Then link them up together for continuous management. Onepage is a clean, rocket-fast WordPress alternative for small-business and agencies.
Landing-pages and Websites
Build a clean website to get an online presence and landing pages to get more customers online
Internal pages
Webinar signups
Build multi-step Quiz funnels and seamlessly integrate them into your pages with just one click
Build Linktree’s for your social media profiles, linking them to both Onepage and external projects
Next-level experience
Page building experience that never leaves you frustrated. Achieve the desired results swift and as though you were a pro
Onepage users of all levels of experience prototype and build pages right in meetings or even outdoors. It’s a modern editor, built to be your favourite productivity tool.
Layouts that don’t break, whatever you do
It’s enjoyable to adjust your site’s content as the software prevents actions that could alter the appearance of your layout. Try it out and see the magic ✨
Clean interface that keeps you focused
Only see what’s important at the moment. Spend time working on projects, not hiding unnecessary widgets, bars, and rulers
Forget loading-bars. Response is instant
Optimized with the latest technologies, Onepage editor instantly responds to almost any action you take while building a page.
Flexible elements, adjustable 
by switching presets
Like Gallery or Countdown, each element has awesome-looking pre-sets for sizes, colours, and layouts, you can change with but one click.
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Onepage is free to use. It’s not a trial version. No credit card is required
Start with stylish templates that precisely fit your purpose
Templates are clean, neutral and easily adjusted to fit a particular company or purpose. We crash-test designs by making test projects ourselves to ensure that anyone can adapt them. Therefore, we don't use any custom graphics or misleading design patterns.
Practical-in-use templates fitting your domain
Find templates for various domains, from Lawyers and Tax Consultants to Dental clinics and Engineering supplies
Ready for editing and content-expanding
Thanks to the section-based structure, you can easily adjust Onepage templates to fit any purpose
Conversion-oriented elements and structure
Most of the templates are structured to serve certain conversion goals based on tried and tested practices of the industry
Over 50.000 pages have been built with Onepage already
Manage and maintain your projects in a faster and team-friendly way
Onepage fits the modern workflow. That means various projects and urgent changes can be made when needed without any stress
Operate in an intuitive and visual environment
Clear: Navigate projects and pages by looking and not guessing.
Fast: Duplication, Publishing and Update states are accessible at one click.
Add team-members to collaborate
Add selected team members to projects and work on them together. The page is locked while any of you works on it preventing messes and update bugs.
Collect and manage incoming leads in built-in CRM
Connect different forms and quizzes to external tools via Zapier. Manage incoming leads by merging them into groups by sources or project. The choice is yours
Always be on the safe side. In every aspect
To us security comes first when it’s about our customers’ pages and data. We provide you with GDPR compliant templates for your site, cookie banners, as well as secured, and encrypted access to the software.
German-located servers
GDPR-required features that make projects compliant
Cloud-based, secured software
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Onepage is free to use. It’s not a trial version. No credit card is required
Onepage is trusted by 8000+ customers. It's more every day.
I have used several landing page builders in the past. Most of these are very complex and take a lot of time to learn. With this software, I was able to create and set up my page quickly and easily. It shortens the "time-to-leads" significantly.
Michael Alf
My company is a digital marketing agency that creates landing pages for entrepreneurs. This software is what I've been looking for. It eliminates work that is time-consuming and not well paid or appreciated by the client.
Marie Winter
Onepage makes it possible for anyone to build a super landing page without needing technical expertise. It's intuitive, simple and the result is really remarkable. You can tell that Onepage was developed by experts, designers and marketers who really thought about it. Onepage has a real interest in making their own customers successful. Whether you are a self-employed person, freelancer, coach, entrepreneur, marketer or even an agency. Onepage offers me the optimal landing page solution without much technical effort. The platform comprises landing pages, online and performance marketing, scaling, CRM system, and easy integration of other features. I have tried many websites and landing page providers before, but always encountered missing features. I have received excellent support, and have seen constant improvements. Onepage offers me the one-stop solution.
Svenja Biermann
After taking an online course for Wordpress I experienced that everything is too complicated for me and I am not able to use it. For instance, setting up Wordpress beforehand to launch a page is a big hassle. With Onepage everything is so easy. I created my landing page with Onepage in a few hours, and had fun while doing it. The templates can be customized easily. Plus, the support is super great: same-day replies, chat functions within edit mode, makes it even easier.
Renée de Boer
You should definitely check out this software if you are interested in creating your first page and getting it online today - regardless of whether you’re an experienced marketer or a complete newbie.
Sebastian Ditmann
A software that is fast, easy to use, and yet can adapt to any situation. You can perfectly realize your vision. The Apple among page builders.
Anton Frisch
We have been working with Onepage for 1.5 years now. The ease of use and the very good price/performance ratio have made Onepage one of our favorites. We can implement landing page projects quickly and easily.
Carsten Wanka
We are a full-service provider for workwear and safety protection. Since we use online marketing for our new customer acquisition, we were looking for a software where we can quickly and easily create professional landing pages. We tested various providers and decided on Onepage. The tool is very easy to use, offers many templates and is already optimized for conversion. For us, it was also crucial how quickly the support responds and understands our concerns. In this area, the response speed and helpfulness of Onepage Support is sensational. I can highly recommend Onepage to any entrepreneur or online marketer who wants to achieve above-average results quickly and easily.
Alex Lienhard
Efficient. Easy to build. This tool really impressed me! Because my customers are primarily online retailers, I can offer very well-structured, streamlined Microsites to them that are also very well converted. The hosting service is also very good. Having such a wide range of solutions makes it possible for me to quickly create a website. The key is the good conversion of the page. This is the common selling point for using this tool.
Monika Erne
My name is Philipp Rauscher and I help personal trainers turn their passion into a career. Since most coaches are mainly interested in technical stuff and rarely like to deal with marketing and landing page design, Onepage is the ideal solution for my clients to quickly and easily design a stylish and serious looking landing page without any technical know-how and get it live in no time. Pre-built sections make it particularly easy for most users, and unlike many other landing page builders, you don't have to be afraid of a nasty surprise if the page online or on mobile suddenly looks completely different than you anticipated. This is a technically clean and simple solution. I would definitely recommend it.
Philipp Rauscher
I have never had so much fun creating a landing page before. I was always struggling with some kind of problems. With this software, I have created my pages quickly and easily. I am thrilled and look forward to many leads and sales.
Stephanie Ress
The pages are easy to build and look very good. Also the click-to-build speed is fast.
Daniel Bracchi
Together with my husband Karl, the winemaker behind Ramsel Winery, I launched “Penguin Wine” in 2018. One euro from each bottle of wine sold goes to the international conservation organization, which works to preserve the habitat of Humboldt penguins, which are critically endangered. Onepage served our needs perfectly. We were looking for a straightforward, fast and most important contemporary site solution. The most significant factor was the ability to create websites with up to 50 subpages at a time. I have often recommended Onepage to others. Websites are easy to built, the results are visible right away, and the support is simply unbeatable.
Andrea Ramsel
I suggested onepage as a tool to our management a few months ago - in the meantime, we have already built countless pages with it. And I can say: It was definitely a good decision. This tool saves us expensive web agencies, is easy to use and has already brought us a lot of sales. In case of questions, we always get a quick response from the onepage team. In summary: It's fun to work with and it works!
Rebecca Seng
I have tried several landing page builders before and never was completely satisfied. With this software I am able to create high quality landing pages within a short time and can market my real estate projects even better and generate even more leads.
Alexander Schröter
We are a young social media agency serving clients from Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Currently, we use Onepage to create landing pages for our clients, but we have also built our own landing page with Onepage. The field of online marketing is fast moving and diverse. It is important to create landing pages or funnels, plan advertisements and create presentations for companies. Onepage simply provides the top-notch package providing a high level of support at an unbeatable price. The performance is impressive.
Elvis Kalac
Before this software, I tried different landing page builders, but they were too complicated in my opinion. What I like most about this software is the responsive display on mobile devices, this automatically contributes to a higher entry rate.
Thomas Vonarx
For agencies
Made for Businesses and Individuals. Became the secret weapon of agencies
We built Onepage to provide an exceptional experience for the everyday-user so that they can overcome the page-building barrier. Now it’s widely used by micro, and small-sized agencies as well. And here's why:
Create your own templates. Adjust them with ease
All you need to do is adjust the content and apply new styles with a few clicks. It saves time and reduces the costs per project
Lawyer & Notary
Old Standard, Zilla Slab
Keto diet masterclass
Gloria Hallevjah, Inter
Transfer matters of design to less experienced employees
Project-managers, analysts and junior staff are able to create decent-looking projects in Onepage, so you can save time and money from expensive hires
Win new customers by offering more value
Creating Quiz-funnels and Linktrees using the same software makes your projects consistent and feel “complete”. It’s a convincing offer for most customers.
Work on multiple projects where before you only worked on one
Because of various shortcuts and the general speed of the software you save hours and even days at repetitive tasks.
All the features modern pagebuilding software has. But more...
Connect your own domain
Use free domain or connect your own.
Automatic & Free SSL-certificate
Generate security-certificate for free with one click
friendly pages
Adjust your rankings, by optimising Keywords and tags
GDPR-related features included by default
Be on the safe side by keeping projects legally compliant
Changes are automatically applied, preventing any losses.
Forms and Quizzes
Advanced Form-builder is integrated inside Onepage
Flexible countdown is there to serve limited offers
Experiment and prototype without losing a backup
Built-in CRM with custom integrations
All your leads are collected in a built-in and internal CRM
More than 2500 icons library
Perfect Nucleo icon library that can be used for free
Free Unsplash photo-library integrated
Adjust your pages with license-free images of perfect quality
Google-font library integrated
Apply variety of fonts, adjusted by our design team
Free livechat-support that really cares
Get proper answers within 15 minutes via livechat
Cooperative editing
Invite your team-members to work on projects together
Mobile-responsiveness by default
All templates & sections are responsive by design
Transfer projects across different accounts
Create project in one account, easily transfer to another one
Start with Onepage for free. It’s fast and enjoyable
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Onepage is free to use. It’s not a trial version. No credit card is required